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Artist - sababu entertainment

sababu entertainment

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Last update: 02/14/10 13:41:39
Account: Lyrics Kenya Artist Quota

Location: AFRICA: Kenya
Signed up: 06 May 2008 07:49 PM
Members: Nali,D-traxx,Ceasar,Reena,Bakijani,Lurid,Dmike,Suave, Rimbz and many more artists
Genre: Hip-Hop
Influences: 2 many!

This is a clique of africans who grew up in various hoods in kenya. Representing doni, eastlands,south c, dagoretti, rongai, langata, eastleigh, westi. Each of them had one passion, music. They dreamt of a time when they would change the whole perception of africa round the world using music, and they rapped and sang of the african revolution. Balancing with school, they all once were simply artists but due to the poor production skills in their local studios and high charges, they sought out to take their own lead and start producing. They never knew they would meet but coincidentally, they came across eachother without any financial nor public support but still kept strong and formed a mini bedroom studio with only a cheap computer microphone and copped some softwares from their bro 'genie' to get them starting. They were made fun of by the few who ever heard their productions and their singles trashed or even rejected by the radio because of poor quality. While still being pulled back from this love by parents. But they never lost hope and sought out to hustling hard for funds and the little they would get,was put together and began to build their dream. It was not easy for the young africans. most suffer and even give up hustling in africa. But they fought, merged their rhythmical nerves and were ready to be heard once again. Practice made perfect is what they became. And patience proved that they were making the finest beats their side of the sahara. this group of young producers based in nairobi, south c where their fly studio now is, were later discovered by rappers in the underground making extraordinary instrumentals and music without any knowledge of how to play any instruments. They composed of nali,Seizure aka ceasar, d-traxx, bakijani, genie and lurid, among their v-boyz, created a powerhouse out of nothing and called it 'sababu' which is a swahili word for 'reason' because they are here to take over and show the world that africa has it!!!proud to have done traxx off chris kantai's,bamzigi's,kaz',projects with mwafrika among other artists' albums,they are getting much luv from those who have heard of them,and their limit is invincibility. Currently nali is in canada studying while diversifying their music there working with persian sensation matine and a few hiphop labels and punk pop artists like charles oudum,bakijani is in malaysia perfecting his flow as well as getting his degree,while the others are representing in the east african music industry. They believe they are soon to be crowned the best in africa, and it is a matter of time before they are known internationally.....with extreme confidence they are hungry to get exposed and will stop at nothing, to be recognized!!!!
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